Felipe Fernandes

Felipe Fernandes

Why Hasn’t Anybody Created A Comprehensive Platform For Volleyball Clubs?

At PaidUp, we work with dozens of club directors across all sports and different size clubs. In working in the youth sports space for nearly 3 years, I have seen almost every software solution out there, some really great and others not so much. Frankly, some of them get really close to getting it right but since they were developed over a decade ago, the solutions seem stale and something stuck in the 90s. The newcomers (including PaidUp) do not have all the features for you to run your club from tryouts to nationals. I see club directors scrambling to string together 3-5 software solutions to get ready for tryouts. This has got to stop…and it starts now, with your help.



After visiting the JVA World Challenge (#jvawc) in Louisville earlier this year, I was amazed at the size of the tournament, how well organized it was and the level of competition. Since at PaidUp we had focused on all sports, we missed how awesome volleyball is (in the literal sense – filled with awe). I have seen software solutions that cater to specific sports such as soccer or swimming. So we asked ourselves, why is there not a software platform focused on volleyball? I don’t know why nobody has built a volleyball-centric solution but I know it’s time someone created one. Here at PaidUp, we want to start a movement that will transform youth volleyball. We are looking to recruit club directors, coaches, admins to help us identify the pain that exists in today’s tools and processes, and design and build software that makes your life easier, before, during, and after the season.



Over the next several years, with your thought leadership and our platform development experience, we will build a solution that solves problems that exist in all phases of running a club. Surely, veteran club directors have heard this promise before and probably even tried every solution under the sun until you settled on something that still feels a bit clunky.


With a name like PaidUp, you can guess what we believe to be the biggest problem in volleyball. While there are a lot of clubs leaving 10-12% uncollected every season, there are an equal, if not larger, number that are collecting at a high rate but spending 10 hours a week chasing payments. The PaidUp payments platform gives you full visibility into the financial health of your club, team by team.


Software alone cannot solve all the inefficiencies in club volleyball today. I believe that a platform PLUS a service, will be the way to round out what needs to happen to keep the club running smoothly. However, we have to balance that with some hands on club directors that want full control of everything which is why we are going to progressively expose some additional self-service tools so that those who want to use the PaidUp platform but not pay for the service, can do so at a more cost effective rate.


There are some decent registration platforms in the market but they don’t take you from tryouts into the regular season very smoothly. Some club directors are exporting CSV files from one system into another simply to get their rosters ready. We believe that a registration platform should be capable of having electronic document signatures, document uploading, broadcast and individual communication with parents, rostering and much more.


When it comes to building your club’s website, it has to be easy to make updates to the design and pages. Although this problem has been solved with various platforms, to provide a comprehensive solution for clubs, it must include a website (and a design/building service with that for those that are design/technically challenged).

AAU, USAV & AES Integrations

I’m confident that you have better things to do when tournament season comes around than exporting data, modifying CSV columns to match a specific format, etc. We want to make this process much easier and either integrate with these major platforms or at a minimum, allow you to download the file in the exact format you need to get through this process expeditiously.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

It’s not the sexiest topic but any club that succeeds requires some level of accounting and bookkeeping. Ensuring that the data from our system flows into your accounting software is critical. We do not plan on doing this ourselves bur rather partner with a certified bookkeeping firm to ensure that your finances are getting reconciled accurately and consistently.



Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will any solution. We are rolling up our sleeves and talking to as many stakeholders as possible to create a solution that will make your life easier. You may have heard the pitch, “it slices, it dices,” but if we chip away at the biggest pain points, we can do much better than what’s available today. Who’s coming with me?

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