Our mission at PaidUp is to provide you a solution for collecting your club dues that collects at a higher rate, gives you back more time and improves your relationships with parents. At the same time, we will save you money compared to collecting dues yourself! Let us show you how, schedule a FREE demo below.

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JVA Power Tip Pricing Highlights

  • Dynamic Pricing
    Your price depends on how much parents are paying per season and the number of installments. Click "Schedule a FREE Demo" above, for us to review and create a proposal.
  • Inline Fees
    PaidUp makes money when we process payments so our incentives are aligned because we also want parents making payments on time. Get a deposit in your bank account in 2 business days net of fees.
  • No Charges For Offline Payments
    We don’t recommend you take cash and check, but if you do, you are not charged for those payments.
  • No Hidden Fees
    If you take debit/credit cards today, you are already paying interchange fees, and PaidUp’s interchange is competitive (interchange is in addition to the PaidUp fee). Plus, there’s an annual onboarding fee.

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