PaidUp makes you stop feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day payments and collections for your club

Why do it yourself when you can have it done for you


All club directors eventually run into the same fundamental problems.

Late payments, tracking who owes what, tough conversations with parents.

The kind of problems you think is just a part of doing business. 

They're not. PaidUp solves them.

  • You'll have more time to grow your business.
  • You get effortless insights and predictable cash flow.
  • You can stress about winning trophies, not your bank account.
  • Your parents will love getting quick answers to payment questions.

Come be a part of our growing family.

Get BIG help with a small company feel.

$ 1 MM
Payments Processed
Happy Parents
Stoked Club Directors
Hours Saved


Keep your existing website or reg system, simply replace your payment button with PaidUp

We load your teams/programs and payment plans into our system. You can choose to offer payment in full, installments or any payment options you can dream up.

PaidUp works with ALL registration systems or websites, so you don't have to change a thing. We help you get your payment button swapped out so parents come to PaidUp when they are ready to pay.


Parents review their payment plan and setup Autopay

PaidUp shines when parents need to modify a payment date or amount. They call, email or chat with us to make the changes (with your approval) so you're free to do what you need to do. Best of all we track all customized payment plans so you don't have to.


Transaction Fees Processed at 2.9% + $0.30 

PaidUp stays on top of missed payments, updated cards and much more

Every company out there offers you technology. PaidUp gives you human beings.

Our team contacts parents proactively to address any late payments, collect dues for new tournaments you add mid-season or just to wish parents a nice day. Parents call us when they need to push out a payment date, split a payment or tell us how awesome we are.

You sit back and watch the money hit your bank account

You'll get 24/7 access to dashboards and reports to keep a finger on your financial pulse.

View status of payments by program/team or athlete, including the status of their payment plan, history of payments, how much is still owed and any late payments (which don't worry...we're on it).


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564 parents have given PaidUp a 98.94% satisfaction rating

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What's it going to cost?

PaidUp charges a percentage of all payments we process. So if you still take cash and checks, we don't get paid on that. Our incentives are aligned. We get paid when we get parents to pay.

The PaidUp fee is dependent on how much you charge per season and how many installments.

Schedule a demo with us and we will show you how you can get PaidUp at no additional cost for your club.

How quickly do I get paid?

We will deposit money into your bank account 2 business days after we process a payment. For example, if we process payments on Monday, you get a payout on Wednesday. If we process a payment on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you get a payout on Tuesday (since weekends are not bank business days). All deposits you get are already net of fees.

We also provide you with a cashflow report so you know exactly when you are going to get paid. Since we manage all customer payments in our system, you can manage your budget based on when you get the deposits to pay coaches, tournaments, facility fees, etc.

What do you do when a parent won't pay?

We do everything we can to make sure that parents have the flexibility to make payments, whether that's splitting payments, moving dates around or anything else you approve us to do. Our team contacts parents via email, phone, chat and SMS to get them to pay. If after 30 days, we still cannot collect from the parent, we ask for your help to withhold services from the athlete to get the parent to engage with us. That could be benching a player, withholding a uniform, etc.

We don't get paid unless we process a payment so we will do our best to get a parent back on track. Historically, we've gotten 98% of all the money our clubs have asked us to collect, ONLY when PaidUp is managing all payments (meaning you stop taking cash and checks).

Is my club too small to use PaidUp?

We want to grow with you as you become more successful. We have clients charging $500 per season all the way up to $5,000+ per season. From 3 teams all the way up to 25+ teams. We can make an impact on a club of any size.

Can I use PaidUp and still take cash and check?

Yes. Of course you can but the reason that you came to PaidUp is to get out of the collections business. While most clubs start off using PaidUp to process payments online and accepting cash and checks from parents, by the second season nobody wants to deal with offline payments  and tell parents that the only way to pay is via PaidUp.

PaidUp does not charge any money for cash and checks that you take however, this is not captured on your dashboards since we only show you money that comes through our system.

Meet our team!

Allan Rayson

CEO & Co-Founder

Felipe Fernandes

President & Co-Founder

Jennifer Rayson

Customer Support

Ricardo Lara

Lead Developer

Anxious, Losing Sleep, Burned Out...

If you started your club to feel anxious, lose sleep, get burned out dealing with parents, then we are not the solution for you.

If you need some stress relief, schedule a demo with us to see what we can do for you.

Worst case you go back to what you were doing before. Best case, you get your time back.