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What does PaidUp do for me?

PaidUp brings a thoughtful approach to payments. We like to think that we are trailblazers in the payments industry, but recognize there are plenty of ways to process payments available in the market today. However, we believe the challenge that exists in youth sports is not strictly related to processing, it’s the consistency associated with following up after a payment is missed or when a custom payment needs to be structured for a parent. We handle all of this for an organization so they can focus on recruiting and retaining the best athletes and coaches. We are the only solution in the market that puts you in a position to completely offload the burden of managing payments!

What do you mean by DIFM?

Think Do-It-Yourself (“DIY”) and then imagine how great the exact opposite would be. That’s us! We are leading the Do-It-For-Me (“DIFM”) revolution within youth sports administration because we believe that is what coaches, club directors and team owners are looking for.

What separates PaidUp from PayPal or other payment processors?

We certainly have the platform to support payment processing and reporting back to the organization. However, the big difference between us and PayPal is the fact that we manage the entire payments process for you. Think of us as an extension of your team where we handle everything related to payments (or receivables for you business types:-). All the processing, all the reconciliation and reporting, all the follow-up with parents, everything.

When is the right time to transition to PaidUp?

We need to have everything set up for you prior to your first parent meeting or tryouts. This is really important so we can be ready to go once your parents are ready to start coming in to In addition, we want to be prepared to work quickly once your tryouts are complete and you are obtaining financial commitments from parents.

What is in it for the parents?

We are parents ourselves and really wanted a convenient solution to manage payments. We find that 51% of all organizations are still taking cash and check and we provide a solution that takes everything online. Parents can make a payment via eCheck, debit or credit card (no cash is accepted). We also encourage parents to communicate with us especially when they have a question about payments or when they need a custom payment structured for themselves. Parents also have a payment solution they can take with them to other youth sports clubs they are participating with. Imagine how convenient it will be for parents once all youth sports clubs are using PaidUp!

What types of payments do you collect?

All of them! Our clients typically use us to manage everything from ongoing registration or tuition payments to camps, clinics, tournament fees, private coaching lessons and anything else you can think of. We can also support those pesky fees that are paid directly to coaches outside of the club and can set up individual accounts to distribute funds to sub-accounts of the main organization.