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Felipe Fernandes

Felipe Fernandes

Deposit Reports with Advanced Filters

Deposit Reports

Today, inside your Scoreboard, we roll out our new deposit reports with advanced filters. As PaidUp works for you to get parents paid up, you are getting deposits into your bank account but now you have the ability to see what players are attributable to each deposit.


The new deposit reports will allow you to look at all of the payments for your entire organization on any given date. This will allow you and/or your bookkeeper to reconcile the deposits against individual players and team.

By clicking on any deposit, you will then be shown a detailed listing of all payments.


The deposit transactions can be filtered and it can be searched. The key is that the filters can be stacked together to get you the data you need when you need it.

Program Filter

Want to look at the payments data for your whole club or need to segment it by just one or more teams? Now you can do that by using the programs filter.

Sometimes you want to see who has a failed payment, other times you only want to see payments that are out in the future. With the status filter, you can analyze your payment data with just the specific status.


Tags Filter

Perhaps one of the best new features is the tag/category filter. Most reporting solutions out there are not very good because they just give you a dump of all the transactions. Then it’s up to you to manipulate the CSV file to figure out what you need.

Now we can tag each invoice with whatever categories you want and then you can filter by just that tag. Do you want to know how much money you brought in from tournament travel? Easy! Just tag all travel payments with a ‘Travel’ tag. The tags are 100% customizable to your club, so they work hard for you. To use this feature, just tell PaidUp BEFORE payments start to add the tags to the payment plans and voila.


Search Filter

Whether you’re a small club or a large club, the data can get overwhelming. With the advanced search feature, you can easily filter reports by invoiceID, invoice description, parent name, parent email, player name and parent phone number. Want to check on the status of a single player quickly? Just type their name in and watch the report magically show you only what you need.


Export to CSV

Last but not least, you can export your data into a CSV file. Export your entire deposit data by date or export the filtered data. It’s your data so it will include anything that we capture about the parent or player including names, emails, phone numbers and more.



This should hopefully be useful when you are trying to reconcile your bank statements with who has paid. Hopefully you will come up with new ways of slicing your data to get the intel you need to better run your club. Advanced filtering should be a refreshing way to access your data. If you have any suggestions for how to make the reports even better, let’s talk about making that a reality. What do you think of the new reports? What needs to be improved?

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