Allan Rayson

Allan Rayson

Part 4 of 4, Finance & Accounting for Volleyball Clubs: Club Dues Management…Done For You!

Can you imagine a scenario where you have experts in finance AND club volleyball managing bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and club dues for you!  It’s a full-service finance and accounting solution designed specifically for volleyball clubs.  You are completely hands off and everything is done for you for about the cost of hiring one part-time bookkeeper that’s really only able to devote a few hours per week to your club.  Well, that’s exactly what we’re able to bring to you TODAY with the vision of being much more to a club by the 2019-2020 season (check out “Why Hasn’t Anyone Developed A Comprehensive Platform For Volleyball Clubs” written by our President, Felipe Fernandes).  In this blog post, I’ll discuss the in’s and out’s of club dues management and specifically, the 8 steps we follow to consistently collect at a high rate (98.1% historically since 2014 and 100% in many cases over this same period).

What’s The Difference Between PaidUp and Everyone Else?

The difference is clear.  We handle everything on behalf of our clients with our team here in Austin vs. providing a software platform that attempts to automate important functions that can only be effectively handled by humans.  This stark difference in philosophy generates a much better result that allows you to completely offload the entire club dues management function AND creates a much better experience for your parents and athletes.

What Does Done For You Mean?

Done for you means we handle everything a club has historically done on their own.  The eight steps mentioned above our outlined in detail and available for download in our “Newbie’s Guide To Collecting What You’re Owed”, but we’ll also outline them here.  For a club to operate properly and collect the money they’re owed, they need to execute on 8 well defined steps that include: being able to handle a high volume of phone calls and emails, handle custom payment schedules on the fly, full and partial refunds, accommodate divorced or separated parents, handle fundraising credits, track and record online and “offline” payments, handle all types of AR, and structure “front-end” loaded payment schedules.  These are mission critical and must be followed closely otherwise a club runs the risk of migrating to the industry average of 8-12% in uncollected funds.  This is real money, especially when we’re talking about clubs running high six-figures or even seven-figures in revenue.

State of the Industry

It’s a very interesting time in the club dues industry with new players entering the market every year.  There have been lots of acquisitions of big platforms by media companies, professional venture capital and funds coming into the space looking for a return and lots of technology out there that helps athletes perform at a higher level.  We are seeing unprecedented change in this space and much of it is very positive for the industry.  However, we have seen a lack of attention on the basics of running a business, which obviously includes those things we’ve written about in this 4 part series on Finance and Accounting for Volleyball Clubs.  Our belief is that there is enough business for everyone, but someone has to bring (a volleyball club specifically) the experience and skillsets for a club to run properly and grow without too many growing pains.

I’m hopeful this 4 part series on bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and club dues management has been helpful to the community of volleyball club directors we aim to serve.  There is a lot more to come with PaidUp, but we are intent on focusing on the things we have lots of experience in an effort to help club directors TODAY.  Further, we are intent on maintaining our culture of “Done For You” as we build and expand our services in this industry.

Schedule a demo with PaidUp today to discuss your personal situation and how we deliver these solutions to your club.  Setup and integration is quick and we can be up and running for the upcoming 2018-2019 season.  Call 512.518.4943 or email today!

About the Author

Allan is the father of three boys who are big time travel lacrosse players.  As a father and CEO of PaidUp, he totally gets what club directors and parents face every day as we try to provide the best for our children.  Allan is also a recovering banker so he grew up (professionally speaking) helping small businesses thrive! Don’t hesitate to pick his brain how to run a great club!  Allan can be reached directly at you can schedule a time to connect by clicking here:

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