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"We are very happy to continue our partnership with PaidUp” said Jenny Hahn, Executive Director of JVA.

“It can be a daunting task to collect club fees from parents. PaidUp allows club directors to focus on coaching, while making it simple for parents to stay up to date on club dues. With its track record of increasing the percentage of payments collected, plus outstanding customer service, PaidUp is a great service for our member clubs."
Jenny Hahn - Executive Director of JVA
Jenny Hahn

we get specific

Specialized services

Leverage our services so that you can focus 100% on your business

Seamless Dues Collection Management

Our support team, available via phone, email, and chat, accommodates any payment requests parents make. We handle the entire dues collection process.

“Rockstar” Customer Service

For parents and clubs, our experts will make you look good and your life easier. Our team proactively contacts the parents or they call us directly.

Powerful and Easy to Use Web Portal

You and parents keep tabs on everything related to payments, dues owed, payment plans and so much more. Web portal is continuously being enhanced.

Automatic Direct Deposit

We not only manage the dues collection process for you but we also automatically deposit the money into your account. It couldn't be easier!

Services that drive results

With us handling the payment function of your club, you’ll get back approximately 30 hours of time per month. In addition, you will collect a higher percentage of your dues as we collect at an average of 97.45%.

  • 97.45% Collection Rate
  • get back approx 30 hours of Your time
  • Improve Your Relationships with Parents

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Personal account manager

Should you or parents have any questions, comments, concerns or requests our team we will take care of it immediately.

The satisfaction of our clubs and parents is of paramount importance, which means any request is handled with the utmost priority.

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Increase Your Dues Collected

All club directors eventually run into the same fundamental problems; Late payments, tracking who owes what, tough conversations with parents and the list goes on. But, not when leveraging PaidUp!

50 %
Collection Rate vs 88-92% Industry Average
Get Back Your Time

PaidUp frees you from feeling overwhelmed with the day-to-day payments and collections for your club. Our clubs tell us that they gain back about 30 hours of time per month as a result of leveraging our team and services. 

Hours Saved Per Month
Improve Your Relationship with Parents

Because we handle the dues conversation and the entire collection process, our clubs tells us that as a result their relationship with parents improves significantly.

Parent Satisfaction
Clubs NPS (Net Promoter Score)
Dues Collection

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Improve Parent Relationships

No more awkward money collection conversations and provide exceptional support and flexibility.

Collect More Dues

Our team of experts deploy the most effective efforts and strategies to collect at the highest rate possible.

Get Back More Time

Our clubs report to us that they are able to get back about 30 hours of time each month.

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Austin startup's goal: Easing administrative burden of youth sports leagues

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JVA Announces Continued Partnership with PaidUp

Dallas Business Journal

This Austin startup was co-founded, co-funded by Dr Pepper Snapple exec Gerry Mecca

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Happy Clubs

This is our first season working with PaidUp for Mizuno Long Beach and Team Rockstar Volleyball Clubs. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for any organization that needs help managing accounts and collecting fees. Their customer service is AMAZING and the "Dashboard" feature makes it easy to track customer accounts. I look forward to working with PaidUp for many years to come.
Lindsey Lampert
Mizuno Long Beach Volleyball Club
Partnering with PaidUp has been one of the best business decisions I've made as a club director! As a rapidly growing sports organization the biggest headache has always been "collecting" fee's, tuition, and payments overall. Utilizing PaidUp cuts out the hassling collection process, frees up time, and avoids the need to employ a dedicated staff member. Thank you guys! I wish you much success!
Sheliegh Wright
Cobras Volleyball Club

Questions? We have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

PaidUp brings a thoughtful approach to payments. We like to think that we are trailblazers in the payments industry, but recognize there are plenty of ways to process payments available in the market today.

However, we believe the challenge that exists in youth sports is not strictly related to processing, it’s the consistency associated with following up after a payment is missed or when a custom payment needs to be structured for a parent. We handle all of this for an organization so they can focus on recruiting and retaining the best athletes and coaches.

We are the only solution in the market that puts you in a position to completely offload the burden of managing payments!

We are a team of people focused on helping to make youth sports better. Our CEO, a parent of three boys very involved in youth sports, personally experienced a lot of the administrative pain associated with youth sports and set out in 2014 to solve some of the challenges.

Now, we have a team of people working tirelessly to build a great platform and offer best-in-class service and support to youth sports organizations.

Our pricing is designed to be simple and affordable for everyone. PaidUp charges a flat fee to manage the entire payments process for an organization.

The PaidUp fee is typically tiered to allow for cheaper rates as more volume flows through our platform.

Please contact sales at (512) 518-4943 for more information on how tiered pricing can reduce your costs. We even have free options available so please reach out to us to learn more!

Simple. Go to “Sign-Up” and choose “Team.” From there, the process takes less than five minutes as we only need three key pieces of information from you.

First, we need to know the legal name of your organization. In addition, we need the EIN (or tax identification number) and the account you want us to deposit funds into.

That is it!

PaidUp is your payments concierge. We want to do the time consuming stuff for you so you can stay focused on recruiting and retaining the best athletes and coaches.

With the payments management service, we will setup your organization, your payment amounts and payment schedule on our site.

You then direct all users to to register and provide us payment information, which will allow PaidUp to process the payments.

We offer a number of different ways for parents to contact us because we want them to have a great experience with your organization and with us.

Parents can call us at (855) 764-3232, chat with us via, or email us at

We are always super responsive because we are parents too and understand parents deserve a quick response to a request or to an issue.

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